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What is it?

Baseball is a bat-and-ball sport played between two teams, typically made up of nine players including three outfielders, four infielders, one pitcher and one catcher. The objective of baseball is to score runs by hitting the ball and running a series of four bases. The team with the most runs at the end of the game wins.

Baseball assists players to develop key motor skills such as running, throwing, catching and striking. As a team sport, baseball is fundamental in teaching children the importance of team morale, which encourages social growth and fair play. Why not encourage children to ‘get active’ and at the same time teach them hand-eye coordination skills, as well as agility and accuracy.

Baseball Dates

Baseball starts in early May (weather permitting) and normally ends at the end of June with the exception of competitive programs which sometime go into the summer months for their city and provincial championships. Tournaments are usually held for each age group and occur on weekends.

How to Register

All baseball registrations are completed online at St. James Assiniboia Minor Baseball Association. Follow this link to register online:

If you have any questions, please contact the Heritage Victoria Community Centre (204-837-9653).

Age Groups

Rally Cap (7 and Under)

The Rally Cap program services the 4 – 7 age group, and involves three teams of six players that meet at the park at the same time. Two teams play a 20 minute game, while one team practices in the outfield. Every 20 minutes they switch, so that each team plays two games and has one practice in the 60 minutes session.
During the season the teams will be working on five fundamentals of baseball. Twice during the season the players will have opportunities to perform different skill tasks in order to earn a coloured Baseball Canada Rally Cap (hence the program name). Different coloured hats are achieved based on the level reached.

Rookie Baseball (8 & 9 year olds)

The Rookie Baseball program is the first step to competitive baseball. It involves teams of approximately 9 – 12 players who participate in games against teams from other community centres.

Regular baseball rules apply in the field however there is a distinct difference in Rookie baseball as it relates to hitting. Rather than have children at this age pitch to the other teams, Rookie baseball uses a pitching machine.

Each batter receives approximately 8 – 10 hittable pitches from the machine which is set at a speed determined by the opposing coaches.

While the fielding team is able to field the balls and obtain outs respecting each batter, all players are able to bat each inning regardless of the number of outs obtained.

Mosquito (10/11), Pee Wee (12/13), Bantam (14/15), Midget (16/17/18)

At this point players begin competitive baseball where all rules apply. Various levels of play are so as to ensure that all players regardless of their skill level can enjoy the game of baseball. Please contact the convener for the exact teams offered at each age level.

Did You Know…..

  • Baseball was invented by Alexander Cartwright, modeling it upon the stick and ball game that he played then. The first known club match with rules written by him was played in June 19, 1846.
  • A regulation baseball has 108 stitches.
  • The very first baseball game was played on June 19,1845, across the Hudson River in Hoboken, New York.
  • In baseball, a “can of corn” refers to a fly ball that is easy to catch.
  • The average baseball only lasts about a week. Each baseball can only be used one time in a MLB game.
  • The odds of a fan being hit by a baseball are 300,000 to 1.